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Valentina Gasparini      

My darling sister, Valentina,

It's strange to talk about you in the past tense.
When I saw you playing the violin as a child, I wanted to be like you. You showed me the way. I always admired your spontaneity when you played, even if sometimes, when we worked together, it upset my serious temperament. We argued, but we loved each other deeply. How we laughed!


Now your music remains forever in our hearts, and thanks to technology, a little in our ears too.
I'd like this page to honor you, to remember you and all the wonderful moments you gave the world. You are so loved, and we miss you. Not just your music, but your laughter, your generosity, your love of life, your beauty.

Friends of Valentina, admirers, fans, colleagues and acquaintances, I invite you to share your memories of Valentina, photos, videos, texts, creations, everything is welcome here, so that she never disappears from our minds. Send your content by e-mail to so that I can publish it.



Rest in peace.


Your sister, Noemi.

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